Orchid Pattern iPad Case

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CSERA Apple iPad clear hard plastic cases are designed for those who love unique fashion forward artwork and tech fashionable accessories, instantly changing the look of your tablet to compliment an outfit, occasion or mood.

All of our cases are made from 100% recycled PET certified plastics and we use environmentally safe inks. CSERA packaging is handmade using recycled materials and is beautifully designed ready for gift giving. No real wood or marble cases here! Our cases are made from 100% recycled plastics and do not have a wood, marble or fabric feel.

CSERA crystal clear hard cases feature a luxurious glossy transparent finish showing off your iPad, a perfect balance of protection and purity of design, for those who love their tablets minimal design.

CSERA CLEAR HARD PLASTIC CASES - a rigid and hard gloss polycarbonate plastic case that snaps onto your tablet covering the sides only. Both the top and bottom, function buttons are exposed and not covered by the case making it easy to use non branded chargers/docks. Those wanting a ‘barely there’ tablet case that is easy to use with a stylish look prefer the single hard plastic cases.

CSERA cases are waterproof but not scratch-proof. CSERA artwork covers the back of the cases only and not the sides so you can see your tablet through the case too!

CSERA HARD PLASTIC CASES are super thin measuring 1.2 mm allowing access to all buttons and functions, they do not cover the volume buttons/power port/speakers and do not have the 1mm extra rim of plastic to protect against screen scratches.