Can A Battery Case Damage Your iPhone Battery?

gold and black matte iphone xs battery case

Apple’s Smart Battery Case is a great way to protect your iPhone and give it some extra juice (at the cost of a bit of added bulk and a little on the weird looking side). But, can they actually be bad for your iPhone’s battery life?  Some people seem quite reluctant to purchase a Battery Case for this very reason.... 

The short answer is probably no. iPhones regulate their own charging cycles and will stop charging when the battery is at capacity.  There are actually quite a few posts and threads online discussing Battery Cases and iPhones. Some of them go back a few years and the most recent are from this month (after the release of the iPhone XS and XR cases).

 Users discuss with their own experience however many of the threads die off without any sort of clarity. Presumably, that’s because Apple doesn’t specifically state whether or not its Smart Battery Cases are bad for batteries.

 But it may also be because of a handful of users reporting that their iPhone battery capacity actually degraded after using the Smart Battery Case.

Are those reports accurate, or are users simply drawing conclusions from faulty evidence? Let’s take a look at batteries in general and of course, what can potentially damage them.

Check to see if your iPhone battery is degrading normally.

gold apple iphone xs battery case


An iPhone battery’s degradation all comes down to how many charge cycles you put it through.

 What a “normal” rate of battery degradation is for the average iPhone user varies widely between average users.

Because battery degradation varies, users may find that their iPhone’s battery capacity does degrade after using a Smart Battery Case. But that doesn’t mean it’s the Smart Battery Case that’s causing it..... Correlation certainly doesn’t equal causation.

Lithium-ion batteries will degrade at a normal rate over time. The rate of degradation however depends on how often you use your smartphone, how fast you use up the battery, and how often you re-charge it.

 And, contrary to popular belief, charging your iPhone overnight or leaving it on a charger when it’s fully charged isn’t bad for it. Similarly, having a Smart Battery case on a charged iPhone won’t kill its battery.

That’s because a battery’s degradation all comes down to how many “charge” cycles you put it through.

black and gold apple iPhone battery case

CSERA Constellations iPhone Battery Case in Silver and Gold

Don’t let your Battery Case overheat.

On the other end of the spectrum, a Smart Battery Case could theoretically cause battery damage — but not for the reasons that you think. It comes down to overheating, which definitely can damage a battery and reduce its overall capacity faster than normal.

Fast charging or using wireless charging can cause any smartphone to get warmer than it would be through a conventional cable and adapter setup.


Having any kind of case on your iPhone could cause problems, too. Leaving a case on a charging smartphone could inhibit its ability to cool off naturally.

Apple itself recommends that users remove any case on their iPhone before charging, did you know that?!

Keep in mind that the capacity indicator in the iOS Battery Health menu is just an estimate — and it can be inaccurate at times. So don’t sweat it.


If you’re still concerned about your Battery case, here are a few tips to keep your iPhone’s battery safe.

Try to avoid using the Battery Case in direct sunlight or when the ambient temperature is really high.

Don’t use the Battery Case while playing graphically intensive games or when using other CPU-draining apps.

Only use MFi-certified chargers and charging accessories from a manufacturer that you trust.

Charge the iPhone and the Battery Case separately, without the case on the actual device during the charging process.

If you notice your iPhone or Battery Case getting unusually hot during use, take the case off - simples!

    What are your thoughts around this issue? Have you already bought Apple’s Smart Battery Case and started using it with your new iPhone XR/iPhone XS? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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